Futur Image - Trucs de meufs

Trucs de meufs


Have painful period every month, they’ll talk about cash! Negotiate with guys who refuse to put on a condom … even after telling them that you do not take the pill. Do not dare to say to hergirlfriends that we watch porn. Buy shamefully pregnancy tests by saying that the pharmacist must take us for a whore. In short, situations that girls live [and not guys], and they talk to each other.

Girls who want to assume themselves as independent and modern girls. Warriors actually. But they do not always know how to do it! How not to be lost when, at magazine length, you read that the woman 2017 is an amazon to the sexual life unbridled? While in everyday life, you understand that if you sleep with more than one different guy per week, we see you as a slut.


  • Directors | Maïwenn Guiziou, Marie-Cécile Lucas

producer & distributor