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Séance 129


November 11, 1918. 4 pm. Session 129.
In France’s National Assembly, President Clemenceau announces an Armistice which
frees the world of a conflict that has been wreaking destruction for 4 years. Before him,
wild with joy and full of hope for the new peace are a host of members of parliament,
journalists, Parisians… and you.

SESSION 129 is a free interpretation of Georges Clemenceau’s speech; an immersive experience that, 100 years later, gives you the chance to share the indescribable fervor of that historic moment.


Séance 129

Alexandre Perrez

Cinema or immersive experience, the only wish of Alexander today is to tell stories. No matter the form. No matter the pen.  
Séance 129

Joffrey Lavigne

Joffrey Lavigne writes and offers documentary and fictional experiences for new media.  

producer & distributor


Séance 129

Cinétévé Experience

Independent production company founded in 1982, CINETÉVÉ produced more than 700 hours of television programs (fiction, documentary and animation) and a dozen fe... cineteve.com/experience/


Séance 129

France télévisions Nouvelles Ecritures

The idea is simple: offering spaces for freedom and creation, reinvent the scriptures and use the Web as a dissemination space to reach younger generations. tantale.nouvelles-ecritures.francetv.fr






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