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Panama Al Brown


Panama Al Brown, a mysterious force tells the story of a fabulous boxer, world champion of the bantamweight who hated  boxing.

Talented musician, amateur of champagne and opium, homosexual in an environment where the shown virility is the standard, the young black in America in the first half of the 20th century, it is the single man who faces an exceptional fate. This history is told in an interactive comic strip mixing fiction and documentary.

Al was born in Panama. Very fast noticed in the middle by the boxing, he becomes a champion of Panama then he leaves to Harlem where he goes alongside poverty and glory. America at that time is profoundly racist and does not support the black boxers who win. In Harlem, the noise roams that in France, one of theirs, Joséphine Baker brings the house down. Al makes the trip. The money of its fights takes away him finally from the poverty. He lives high off the hog. But Al knows well that everything is fragile, as his phalanxes which break more and more often …

When Cocteau meets him in a club of Montmartre, he has just lost his title. The poet proposes him then a real Faustian bet: he is going to help him kick the habit then find his glory. But the price to pay is to abandon the boxing once the reconquered title. Al Brown kicks the habit and finds splendidly his title of champion of the world.

But he does not know nor can hang up. Cocteau goes away. Of return in America, he dies in the poverty in 1951, unknown by all.




Panama Al Brown

Camille Duvelleroy

Camille Duvelleroy works for eight years for Les Nouvelles Ecritures. She imagines, writes, grinds stories where the interactivity structures the experiment. Sh... supersimone.com





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