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In France, a person’s dying process often unfolds inside a hospital. Why here ? Because this discipline, highly technological concentrates the last hopes of our civilization which does not want to die anymore.

The nursing of resuscitation, formed to save life, are to become the undertakers of our company. By staging their word, their everyday life and the decoration in which all this takes place, this documentary tells the difficult confrontation with the end of life by those who manage her every day : the doctors, the male nurses, the nurse’s aides, the students. Through their confessions, their dreams, their ethical or medical reflections, we discover the multiple questions with which nursing hospitable are confronted: when life does not hang by a thread, where stops the reasonable treatment and where begins the doggedness? Do we become attached to the patient ? What weapons helps to face his death ?

On/Off is a stereoscopic kinematic documentary VR of 25 minutes. It will be available on blind and joined into a theatrical entertainment of Matthieu Roy. This documentary benefited from the support of Biennial event College Cinema, category VR.





Camille Duvelleroy

Camille Duvelleroy works for eight years for Les Nouvelles Ecritures. She imagines, writes, grinds stories where the interactivity structures the experiment. Sh... supersimone.com

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