Futur Image - Black America

Black America


In the United-States, a black man is killed every 28 hours by a policeman. This is not a chronicle from the past but a sad reality of 2016 a few months away before the end of the presidency of Barack Obama …

In front of a society was eaten away by the racial disparities, the Afro-American artists decided not to keep silent any more. They took up the torch of Black Power transmuted in Black Lives Matter face to an oppressive white America.

The Eight episodes of this web fiction crash the set of an Afro-American community exceeded and revolted in front of injustices which bruise it: abuses inherited from the slavery and from the segregation, the confinement of mass, police violence … Popstars mainstream to the hired activists, without forgetting the sportsmen or the stars of Hollywood, the personalities get up to denounce this historic invisibility.



  • Authors | Caroline Blache, Florent de La Tullaye