Tania Rakhmanova

Tania Rakhmanova

A Franco-Russian filmmaker, Tania Rakhmanova, has worked on several awards winning documentaries.


A Franco-Russian filmmaker, Tania Rakhmanova began working as a print journalist in the USSR, and moved into documentary with work on the award-winning Discovery/BBC series THE SECOND RUSSIAN REVOLUTION (Brian Lapping Ass).

She has worked on several awards winning documentaries in the UK and France, including the EMMY winning CUBAN CRISIS. Since 1997 she has produced and directed more than 20 documentary series and films, her films received many international awards including EMMY nominations, Golden eagle, Fipa, Pessac.

Her latest films were: “Lords of the Spin”, a two hour series on the history of political spin in the world, a 52’ program “How Putin Came to Power”, in 2008, “Iraqi Exodus” an hour documentary for the PBS Wide Angle and in 2010 “Oligarchs, Arts and Dollars” and EUROPA Prise nominated “Rroms, the First European Nation”.