Anne Pastor

Anne Pastor

Anne Pastor is a journalist, writer and documentary filmmaker interested in indigenous women's rights.


After graduating of the Institut Pratique de Journalisme, she was editor-in-chief at the Capa agency before doing various reports in the magazine “Faut pas rêver” on the french TV channel France 3. She travels the world at the request of Claude Villers for the radio France Inter. There she made many major reports and in 2004, for the first time, she met these indigenous peoples.

Since 2010 she has been writing radio features for France Culture in the programmes “Villes Mondes” and “Sur les docks” and has produced numerous documentary series, including “Voyage vers l’Asie”, which will be selected at the New York Festival.

In 2016, she is producing “Voyage en terre indigène” a series for France Inter broadcast in the summer: one hour per program to better understand and learn from these first peoples of America and Africa. For France Inter again, she is continuing to produce the series of “Voyage en Terre d’Outre-mer: Les oubliés de la République Française” as well as a new series of “Voyage en Terre Indigène : Une histoire oubliée des peuples francophones”.

She recently created the documentary platform “La voix des femmes autochtones” for which she has produced some twenty portraits of exceptional women around the world while continuing her work as a documentary filmmaker and sound artist for the Fondation Cartier, the musée du quai Branly and the Rio Loco Festival.