Nicolas Blies & Stéphane Hueber-Blies

Nicolas Blies & Stéphane Hueber-Blies


Brothers Nicolas Blies (born in 1981) and Stéphane Hueber-Blies (born in 1976) are French authors and a fillmmaking duo. They write, produce and direct their films together.

Zero Impunity (2018) is their first feature film. They develop social impact films mixing the traditional world of cinema with that of new media exploring themes such as sexual violence in wartime (Zero Impunity), femicide or exclusion.

In 2011 they co-founded the production company a_BAHN based in Luxembourg and quickly oriented the company’s productions towards activist and committed productions.

They also seized the opportunity to develop a_BAHN’s productions in new formats, especially virtual reality, through Vincent Ravalec‘s feature-length Fan Club with Sylvie Testud, Mathieu Kassovitz, Denis Lavant and also through Jan Kounen’s films, Ayahuasca (A Kosmik Journey) and 7Lives.

Committed feminists, they are currently involved in the creation of an European network of film producers and activists establishing an ethics and feminist charter for the audiovisual field.