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Mécanique Panorama


Mécanique Panorama [Mechanical panorama] is an interactive photographic installation created to allow the manipulation of the image of landscapes over a 24 hour span. It proposes a reflection on the interaction between inhabitants and their environment, be it urban or rural, geological or architectural. The environment conceived as the space in which we evolve over time. This installation is designed to stage the intimate gazes of inhabitants at their windows, bearing witness to the different scales that distinguish us as individuals within the spaces that surround us.


Mécanique Panorama

Arnaud Chevalier

Arnaud Chevalier works at the crossroad between technical creations and living art, scenographer, performer, light designer and director.  
Mécanique Panorama

Julien Lefèvre

Trained in film-editing and post-production, he uses his technical capacities to experiment in the diverse frameworks of projects (video clips, web series, trai...  
Mécanique Panorama

Aurélien Conil

Schooled as a signal engineer, he works on the creation of interactive mechanisms that intermingle electronics and information technology for the sake of art.  



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