Futur Image - Me, Myself(ie) and I

Me, Myself(ie) and I


The selfie: according to the Oxford English Dictionary it’s the word of the year but this craze of the self portrait is by no means new – it’s a hundred-year old habit! And as old as photography…

Why are we so obsessed with our own image? This series, entirely written and directed for Arte Creative online, will help us discover why. Through 5 5-minute episodes, with diverse witness accounts from artists, geeks, photographers, specialists or addicts we shall try and understand what makes the selfie so popular and essential.

Our aim was not to make a chronological timeline of the self portrait but celebrate it through the different ways of making one, and to show to what extent it is part of us, the way it has always  made us wonder, and, whatever the era, has always been fashionable. And since the autoportrait often goes hand in hand with artistic research, making these different episodes will do likewise. Each of these episodes will have its very own artistic style. The visual style will comically adapt itself and twist the codes and spirit of the themes approached.




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