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Benoit Carré a.k.a SKYGGE is at the vanguard of musicians who are attempting to unlock the creative potential of Artificial Intelligence.

With his 2018 album Hello World, SKYGGE became among the first artists in the world to produce pop music using the technology.

On stage: SKYGGE interprets his titles by playing with generated harmonies and sounds. SKYGGE improvises and mixes in real time the musical material generated by the AI immersing the public in “the sound of AI”, compelling and fragile. Alongside SKYGGE (shadow in Danish, in reference to Andersen’s tale), The Shadow-IA designed by the digital arts company Mobilis-Immobilis appears in abstract form, sometimes replacing SKYGGE, thanks to digital effects (60 minutes).

Talk: SKYGGE proposes a journey into its musical creation with the tools of artificial intelligence through concrete examples from its albums. Always connected to music, the presentation also allows the audience to understand the technical principles that underlie the generation of musical material by AI. This is followed by an informal chat with the public to deepen the subject, raise ethical challenges and imagine the future of musical creation (40 minutes).

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DO was founded in 2017 by Celine Garcia and Benoit Carré, both attracted by music and AI technologies. https://do-music.fr/



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