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Les Espionnes racontent


What if 007 was a woman? 

Femal Spies Tell All – Les Espionnes racontent is a five-episode web series that follows Chloé Aeberhardt, a journalist to meet female spies in Paris, Washington, Moscow, or Tel Aviv. She describes what their lives were like working for the CIA, the KGB, the DST or the Mossad during the Cold War.

These intelligence professionals received her in their homes and told her about the decisive role they played in the East-West conflict, from the penetration of Western power circles by Soviet agents to the tracking down of former Nazis in South America, not to mention the exfiltration of the Falashas Jews from Ethiopia to Israel in the 1980s.


Les Espionnes racontent

Aurélie Pollet

Aurélie Pollet is a director of animated films, author of comics and illustrations https://www.aureliepollet.com/

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Available in French (with English, Spanish, Italian and Polish subtitles) and German.