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Aboriginal Women’s Voices: Voices of the Arts

For a long time ignored and despised, these women nevertheless bear witness to a unique richness. Their way of being, acting and thinking the world is a laboratory of ideas for tomorrow. Amerindian from Guyana, Maori from Polynesia, Ainu from Japan, Same from Norway… Throughout the world, one hundred and fifty million women in nearly ninety countries are still very often exploited and discriminated against as women and indigenous people. They have to fight on a daily basis to earn their place and the respect of their rights. Yet today, these women are proposing original alternatives and showing us the way to a fairer and more sustainable world.

By highlighting their importance in 2017, ONU Women has paved the way for a recognition that will be confirmed at the Beijing+25 Women’s World Forum in July 2020. So perhaps it’s time today to listen, to exchange with them and build a future together?

The web documentary: the voice of the arts

This web documentary is a tool for the transmission of memory for future generations, a place of exchange and discovery for today’s generations. It’s an invitation to better understand the struggle of these women. Art is at the same time source of creation, wisdom and way of contestation. And all these women call for resistance to male domination and remind us there is another way to be an artist in the world.


La voix des arts

Anne Pastor

Anne Pastor is a journalist, writer and documentary filmmaker interested in indigenous women's rights.  

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La voix des arts


Created in 2017, the association works to enhance the value of indigenous peoples and their societies in transition that are still struggling to gain their plac... https://femmesautochtones.com/




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