Futur Image - The animated model of the Salt Museum

The animated model of the Salt Museum


The salt museum model measures 1.40 m by 1 m. It consists of 120 completely independent houses which can be individually animated. The scenography’s work is composed of an animated loop that brings the city to life every day (passing clouds, flowing water, animations in front of the square …).

Two speakers broadcast ambient sound (water, bells, birds …). A press button (or a touch screen) starts narrating the history of the city. An illustrated audio commentary completes the animation of the houses which light up one after the other (depending on the story) with the textures of the original houses. The model is located in the center of the room and had to be initially painted. This project has become the centerpiece of the salt museum in Salies de Béarn (64).


The animated model of the Salt Museum

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