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Hôpital Nord Franche-Comté


If there’s a discipline where VR understandably finds its place, it is definitely architecture. That’s why Richard Copans along with Films d’Archi suggested Architectvres to Bachibouzouk, a film collection in VR360 which, bringing the basics of the Architectures collection: telling a story and conveying better understanding of a structure.

This Richard Copans’ film is the first opus of this new collection. The director sheds light on the Trévenans Hospital, , and which opened in 2017. It brings together the teams from the Belfort and Montbéliard Hospitals, which are now closed. All that in a structure that’s 250 metres long by 90 metres wide, and 5 storeys high, up on a hillside.

It’s a functional place that has to accommodate patients in A&E, outpatients for external consultations, and inpatients. Over 20 specialised departments are to be found here. It was therefore necessary for the architecture to completely separate outpatient consultations from inpatient services, and reduce to the strict minimum the distances that patients and medical staff need to cover to get around. Highly fluid spaces and natural lighting are essential to deal with epidemic outbreaks, and limit the impact of stress.

Richard Copans builds his film around 3 itineraries that cross and follow each other: the itinerary of an outpatient coming for an external consultation, then that of a patient who is then admitted and operated on, followed by the itinerary taken by food, laundry and medication.




Hôpital Nord Franche-Comté

Richard Copans

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