Futur Image - The big adventure of a little line

The big adventure of a little line


A boy is out walking when he spots a tiny little line lying around on the ground.

He puts it in his pocket without thinking and forgets about it. But the line starts to move – it’s alive ! That is the start of a long, shared adventure.

The small line grows with the child and becomes his friend, he takes all kinds of forms, reflects the rich palette of emotions of life. It is magic! And if he makes him see all the colors, sulky or sometimes hidden, it helps him too, encourages him, saves him, surprises him and makes him laugh.

The big adventure of a little line is a story to draw, an ode to drawing.

We invite the youngest and oldest to take part in the many adventures of a friendship that binds for life a little boy with his red line.




The big adventure of a little line

Camille Duvelleroy

Camille Duvelleroy works for eight years for Les Nouvelles Ecritures. She imagines, writes, grinds stories where the interactivity structures the experiment. Sh... supersimone.com





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