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Do it yourself


They are artists, data enthusiasts, musicians or performers … But more than their practice, it is their way of working that brings them together in the same movement.

That of the makers for whom the hack, the do it yourself and the will to make and share are the first values. What they like is to search, understand, test … and if sometimes they miss, they will take the opportunity to retry. The makers are also places: shared workshops, Fablabs, or the street, as a means of expression.

These artists of all kinds, often engaged, offer us a new relationship to technologies, alternative modes of consumption and production, a radical and more open vision of society and even seek, sometimes to tickle the giants of global capitalism.



Do it yourself

Camille Bosqué

I am a designer, I have a PhD in aesthetics and design. I am a teacher in applied arts at Université Paris 1 and lycée Jacques Prévert (Boulogne-Billancourt) wh... www.camillebosque.com/home