Futur Image - Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet

Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet


At the age of 38, Thomas Pesquet is the 10th and youngest French astronaut to be selected for a 180 days mission in the ISS. Oleg Novitskiy, the Russian pilot and the American Peggy Whitson, the most experienced astronaut in the world, train alongside him.

On the 16th November, 2016, the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, 38 years old, took off for an adventure of 6 months in the International Spatial Station: Proxima Mission. To prepare this mission and be ready for the hostile environment of space, Thomas Pesquet trained during 7 years in the most legendary spatial conquest centers.

From Houston, USA, to Baïkonour, Kazakhstan, the directors Jürgen Hansen and Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff have followed this physical and mental preparation.


Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet

Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff

Graduated of a Master of Film Direction and graduated in Law, Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff is a director, producer and scriptwritter.  
Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet

Hansen Jürgen

Producer (Prospect Tv) and director, he directed "Zero Gravity" in 2015.  

producer & distributor


Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet

La Vingt-Cinquième Heure

La Vingt-Cinquième Heure is a company founded in 2012, it wants to explore new territories of audiovisual narration and develop, for each of its projects, a man... https://www.25eheure.com/


Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet

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We call the world home. Since 1996 we discover exciting stories and meet fascinating people. www.prospecttv.de/francais/Bienvenue.html


Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet

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The idea is simple: offering spaces for freedom and creation, reinvent the scriptures and use the Web as a dissemination space to reach younger generations. tantale.nouvelles-ecritures.francetv.fr


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