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The web-series CHEF.FE proposes to change the way we look at classical music by living a synesthetic, pedagogical and poetic experience.

After distinguishing herself at a Philharmonie de Paris springboard event for young women conductors in 2018, Lucie Leguay prepares her return to the Philharmonie to direct the orchestra Les Siècles. Over the course of this pivotal year, she deploys her talents at the head of different orchestras. From electro to pop, contemporary and classical repertoires, this explorer of music ranges through different spheres in search of the absolute tempo.

Director : Camille Ducellier
Production : UPIAN
Broadcaster : Philharmonie de Paris



Camille Ducellier

Camille Ducellier is a multimedia artist who questions dogmas, habits and stereotypes. https://www.camilleducellier.com/

producer & distributor