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Anato-Me is an interactive installation designed for the “Attention Intelligences” exhibition of the Arts Sciences Workshop at the Maif Social Club in Paris. It articulates different types of medias combining sculpture, digital imaging with a medical database.

This installation initiates a research cycle to increase or divert the notion of screen through additional transparent devices. The image here consists of a mask engraved in 3D laser in 3 blocks of glass. It is extended in its real part by 3D prints. An interactive image on the back of the blocks gives life to the whole. Geisha’s mask refers to Shirow Masamune’s “Ghost in the Shell” manga and his film adaptation directed in 2017 by Rupert Sanders. Partly obscured in the background, a skinned digital using the anatomical database BodyPart3D. Designed at the University of Tokyo, it is an electronic atlas of human organs in 3 dimensions. The spectator can plunge his hand through the mask and probe all the organs of the cranial box of the geisha.

The purpose is not to show an anatomical clone respecting the medical rigor, but to use this scientific source to produce art, astonishment and poetry. It is about giving to see what one can not imagine, to draw, to forecast thanks to the power of the computer tool and the exploitation of a scientific database through the prism of a hybrid screen .



Yann Nguema

Born from a scientific background, Yann Nguema finally turned to the world of artistic creation. As a musician, he founded the group EZ3kiel in 1992 for which h...  

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